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When a company is in a difficult situation but it’s not too late to introduce changes, reasonable restructuring may reverse the developments and save the company from collapse.

RESTRUCTURING service is addressed to indebted companies in which difficult economic situation has resulted from poor financial management, difficulties in obtaining receivables from their debtors or from random cases affecting the finances. Restructuring is also a good solution for the entities with many different liabilities and loans.

The restructuring results in improvement of liquidity.

The Legal Office STATIMA S.A. handles the most difficult type of restructuring, such as remedial restructuring. As part of our service, after careful analysis of initial circumstances, we prepare a remedial programme aimed at creating the conditions to increase company’s value. That is achieved through the changes that recover company’s financial situation, to stabilize its operations and to achieve a positive balance, together with regaining financial liquidity.

As part of the actions to be taken:
– we analyze the situation;
– we prepare a restructuring plan;
– we negotiate settlement agreements for repayment spread over time;
– we complete documentation for composition proceedings and for negotiations with banks;
– we appointing a representative for handling composition proceedings and restructuring procedure.

The most common problems solved by our actions:
–restructuring of company’s debts – negotiated with creditors to reduce debt servicing costs, by changing the structure of liabilities, their quantity, timing and method of repayment, as well as interest rate;
– repayment suspension – as a result of negotiations conducted by us, the creditor suspends repayment of both principal and interest for a contractual period, secure for the parties;
– consolidation of loans – that operation is to combine several loans into one and to establish a new repayment schedule so that instead of several monthly installments to repay there is one to be paid in a suitable time. The result of consolidation may bring additional benefits in the form of converting several loans into one liability, the amount of which is lower than previous total installments, which may restore creditworthiness of the entity;
–change of collateral – in well justified situations, especially when restructuring is conducted by an external partner, such as the Legal Office STATIMA S.A., the bank may agree to a sale of the items pledged as security for granted loan to allow using the money obtained that way for debt repayment and increase company’s operating fund;
– granting a new loan – the Legal Office STATIMA S.A. shall undertake to find a bank willing to offer a new loan using banking products other than previous.

Improvement of credit rating.
To obtain a loan, the borrower must submit, at the request of the bank, documents and information necessary to asses borrower’s creditworthiness. We help prepare documentation in an appropriate manner to increase the resulting creditworthiness assessment
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