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B2B Debt Collection

As part of the offer of Business to Business services, we conduct all types of activities relating to recovery of debts arising between the actors in economic relations, including small and medium enterprises, as well as recovery of corporate obligations.

In our work we use all legally regulated methods of debt collection from economic operators:

  • amicable debt collection, consisting in establishing contact with a debtor and leading to an amicable adoption of a repayment program.
  • court collection, including obtaining the writ of execution against a debtor (court order, order for payment), and then affixing to it the enforceable title, a so-called a declaration of enforceability,
  • pre-enforcement, enforcement and post-enforcement recovery activities, including full contacts with a bailiff (starting the enforcement, supervising the proceedings, requests for enforcement of specific assets and for auctions of movable or immovable properties, resumption of enforcement), as well as search – through business intelligence – for hidden property of the debtor, adequate to satisfy the claims,
  • penal code based recovery, consisting in conducting criminal proceedings against fraudulent debtors, relating to criminal depletion of the assets subject to enforcement, to establishment of new business entities based on the same assets, impediment of court orders or to frauds to the detriment of the creditors, often committed at an earlier stage, when the claims arise.

Our efforts are focused on recovering the debts in the shortest possible time and possibly at the lowest collection costs.
During the process of debt recovery, we also care about maintaining good relations between the creditors and the debtors, and help the debtors optimize their cash flow to make them able to repay the overdue debts.

All activities taken by the STATIMA Law Office are aimed at effective recovery of the debts. In situations when the debtors indicate no will for cooperation or when we estimate the probability of successful recovery on a base of voluntary arrangements, the cases are sent to the court to obtain a declaration of enforceability.

Why we are better than the competition:
high efficiency – the amount of recoveries and thus very high performance indicators put our Office at the forefront of debt collection market leaders;
experience – we have been operating operate in that field for several years and the quality and effectiveness of our work have been confirmed by our Clients in numerous reference letters and recommendations;
low costs – we use reliable IT solutions that reduce operating costs and allow us to manage the processes of recovery effectively;
individual approach – for each Client, we take actions specified under individual arrangements, taking into account the specificity of its debtors and the debt claims;
area of ​​operation – we carry out recover activities in all provinces of Poland, as well as abroad;
professionalism – our negotiators are equipped with full range of knowledge, they have many years of experience, high personal culture and adequate psychological preparation.

Note – we provide free evaluation of documents concerning collection cases.

Dear Clients,
If you are looking for a legal company that guarantees friendly cooperation and high efficiency in recovering receivables from your customers, we suggest you have a non-binding conversation with us and we will prepare an individual offer for you. Please CONTACT US.

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