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Business Intelligence Services

Business intelligence is acquisition of information relevant to business, on the situation of enterprises. It consists in gathering, processing and sharing of information about legal status, links, employment, commercial and economic condition of business entities, on behalf of other entities, to assess the risk of co-operation, to plan achievement of a competitive advantage or debt recovery.

During development of cooperation with a business partner, it is worth knowing as much as possible about it. The higher financial or reputation risk, the more useful all the information underlying the decisions is. It is a reasonable practice applied in the business.

REDUCE THE RISK – Verify information about your contractors, especially about those to which you grant a trade credit or extended payment terms. Only comprehensive and reliable information about contractors will help you avoid a situation in which they occur to be insolvent or their operations destabilize your business.

ALWAYS VERIFY FOREIGN CONTRACTORS – gathering the necessary information about business partners from abroad is of significant importance because the legal regulations in their countries, as well as international regulations, may distort the actual situation. In addition, international agreements hinder enforcement of the obligations, due to the necessity to pursue legal actions in another countries.

Depending on your assessment of potential risk and on the information you consider as relevant in terms of your intended cooperation, the Legal Office STATIMA S.A. shall provide you a service, the results of which may include:
Financial Report – includes instant service focused on identifying financial condition and payment reliability of your counterparty;
Full Business Intelligence – a comprehensive collection of data relating to many fields and their summary, to provide an exhaustive and complete information about a counterparty, its situation and even about the relations between its management and other entities.

During preparation of the reports or financial and business intelligence, we cooperate with the most reputable intelligence companies in the world. As a result, we are able to obtain specific information about your counterparty, which may occur to be crucial for your decisions.

Advantages you may earn from Business Intelligence Services:
> by verifying financial situation of your customers, you minimize the risk of losses and non-payment for delivered goods and services;
> knowing the counterparty’s condition and financial liquidity allows you to determine the recommended maximum trade credit;
> you receive up-to-date information about negative events at your counterparties (payment backlogs, loss of liquidity, increased credit, changes in company structure, etc.), which allows for your adequate response to the situation;
> you can verify merchant loyalty and confirm reliability of your contractors.

Along with the invitation to use the Business Intelligence services, the Legal Office STATIMA S.A. points out two issues important for our cooperation:
1. You decide what information you want us to obtain for you.
2. We are open to any suggestions and proposals.

We invite you to contact us and talk without any commitments about terms and conditions of your potential order. Please provide your CONTACT details – we will call you back.

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