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B2C Debt Collection

Since 2008 we have been among the top specialized legal companies in Poland providing professional mass recovery of low-value debts.

Our offer in that field is dedicated to the entities and institutions providing mass services:
– public transport: ZTM, MZK, PKP, PKS, MPK, SKM, PKM, ZKM, KM, UM,
– telecommunications, telephone and access services,
– charges for energy, utilities and multimedia,
– collision, comprehensive and third party insurances, accidents insurances and administrative charges,
– judicial exemplary damages and cash benefits
– penalties charged for delay to the persons borrowing library materials.

All our efforts are primarily aimed at care for the good name of our Clients, which is implemented through our concern about proper relationship with Clients' debtors.

Our debt collection activities are focused on recovering the debts in the shortest possible time and at optimal collection costs. As part of those services, STATIMA Legal Office handles the cases with the following status:
– prior to initiation of court proceedings, – those with court orders, writs of execution and orders for payment,
– after ineffective enforcement carried out by debt collection companies or by bailiff.

During our operations we use two basic methods of debt collection from natural persons:
– amicable collection consisting in regular monitoring of the debtors, which leads to voluntary repayment in accordance with the approved schedule,
– court collection consisting in obtainment of a court decision or order for payment, which complemented with the enforcement clause constitute the basis for enforcement proceedings against the debtors showing no willingness to cooperate.

Each debts portfolio accepted by us for recovery requires an individual system of collection activities to be prepared, which includes a set of appropriate collection tools and takes into account: the types of debtors, types of debts passed for collection (e.g. credit, account, invoice), amounts, debts ageings and the status of the claims (e.g. prior to court proceedings, after ineffective enforcement by bailiff) and the guidelines from Clients.

Debt collection system implemented by the Legal Office STATIMA S.A. guarantees complete data security, ensures operational continuity and constant monitoring of the debtors. The information collected allow for a factual analyses of situations and facilitate decision making. The system and database are constantly monitored, optimized and supervised, thus the recovery procedures pursued by the Legal Office STATIMA S.A. provide security of information and high efficiency.

Why we are better than the competition:
individual approach – we always operate basing on individual arrangements with a Client, taking into account the specificity of its debtors and the amounts due;
experience – we have been operating as specialists in mass debt collection and as regards that field, we have a large portfolio;
professionalism – our negotiators are equipped with full range of knowledge, they have many years of experience, high personal culture and adequate psychological preparation;
area of ​​operation – we carry out recover activities in all provinces of Poland;
higher efficiency – very high performance indicators put our Office at the forefront of debt collection market leaders;
low costs – we use reliable IT solutions that reduce operating costs and allow us to manage the processes of mass collection or enforcement effectively;
references and recommendations – quality of our work has been confirmed by our Clients in numerous letters of reference and recommendation.

We are members of the Polish Chamber of Urban Transport (IGKM) in Warsaw, the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Poland) and the Regional Chamber of Commerce (RIG) in Katowice.

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