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Factoring Services for businesses

The Legal Office STATIMA S.A. offers factoring services for businesses, cost effective and quick financing of company’s turnover, in the form of purchase of invoices with payment terms, issued by your company to your customers. Factoring is based on transfer (assignment) of account receivables, regulated in the Civil Code.

The Legal Office STATIMA S.A. purchases the receivables arising from supply of goods and services with deferred payment to the previously agreed recipients (domestic or foreign). Signing up for our factoring services shall require a factoring agreement to be concluded between your company and us. Under that agreement, the Legal Office STATIMA S.A. shall be obliged to purchase your receivables after completion of delivery of goods or performance of the service, by means of which you shall obtain your cash even within 24 hours following the invoicing.

Our offer includes a set of benefits to help conduct a business within the realities of the contemporary economy:
>  immediate cash consideration for the issued invoice, regardless of the payment date
>  enhancement of company’s competitiveness by extending payment terms for its customers
>  raising the level of sales without the risk of customers' insolvency
>  increased company’s purchasing power and possibility to obtain additional discounts from its suppliers due to higher working capital available.

We provide various forms of factoring, matching them to individual circumstances of each company. The Legal Office STATIMA S.A ensures individual approach to every Client and the offered services are the chances for development of Client’s company. Professionalism applied in practice, as well as transparent rules, provide a basis for mutual trust and build a lasting partnership. That opinion has been confirmed by numerous letters of reference from our satisfied Clients.

Our procedures are based on clear standards to facilitate the cooperation:
– a minimum of formalities
– avoiding complicated banking procedures
– factoring even a single invoice
– immediate payment of accounts receivable
– constant support of a personal consultant.

We provide free advice on choosing the best factoring services for your company and preparation of a non-binding offer. Please use the CONTACT form and provide your contact details – we will call you to discuss the opportunities available to you.

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