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Debt purchase

The Legal Office STATIMA S.A. acquires debts through their purchase. With the method of „debt purchase”, we will pay you in cash for your accounts receivable. Terms of the transaction are agreed individually, following a preliminary analysis of a debtor’s situation.

We purchase the debts resulting from:
– unpaid invoices and bills of exchanges from business activities
– orders of payment issued by the courts
– unpaid contractual amounts, both private and business claims

Why is it worth selling your debt claims?
The amounts due not paid by the customers within agreed time, as well as the debts which the debtors apparently do not want to repay even though their income allowing for closure of the cases, have recently occurred to be a significant threat to businesses. Growing amounts of capital frozen in the invoices unpaid by the customers result in a serious effect upon financial condition of the companies and their owners. For effective protection against the risk of losing the liquidity, as well as for sound management of company’s capital, it is worth taking decisive steps to unblock the resources if there are no favorable conditions for their collection. In such situations, debt sale allows quick recovery of money and while clearing out the problems with unreliable contractors.

The Legal Office STATIMA S.A. purchases the debts, which results in improvement of creditors’ financial situation and brings them concrete benefits:
– Quick obtainment of useful cash
– Elimination of the risk of a debtor’s insolvency
– Avoiding the need to participate in court proceedings and debt collection activities
– Saving of time and energy wasted on ineffective demanding the payment
– Improvement of financial liquidity and company’s condition.

What kind of debts we buy?
To get information and be sure about the conditions under which we may take over your debt claims, please describe shortly the problem you want to get rid of, using this form: CONTACT
Terms of cooperation shall be adjusted to individual circumstances of each Client and result from analysis of the type of debt and debtor’s situation. We operate within a range of a few basic variants of cooperation:
> purchase of debts with different legal status and ageings (prior to court proceedings, with declaration of enforceability, after ineffective enforcement by bailiff);
> bulk purchase of low-value debt portfolios (starting from tens of PLN per single debt);
> regular purchase or single acquisition of large debt portfolios (with a total outstanding balance of several million PLN);

How to sell your debt claims?
Please fill the CONTACT form to notify us about a debt claim for sale. If you need further information about the conditions of purchase, please request a conversation with our analyst – also using the indicated contact form.
To allow for our valuation of your debt claims, please prepare the following information about the debt:
– electronic list of invoices, contracts and documents underlying the claims
– electronic list of the issued orders for payment / court orders
– information about the correspondence sent by a bailiff, including the decisions on discontinuance of enforcement

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We recover your money effectively and quickly! We are a professional Debt Collection Company with extensive experience and high efficiency in debt trading. We operate in all provinces of Poland. Contact us to get an individual offer for your company.

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